Mowers and grass trimmers

The better mower we have, the faster, more efficiently and accurately we mow our lawn. The Wasserman store offers efficient and solid mowing and trimming equipment. We can choose electrical, combustion, battery and various accessories necessary for them.

 Electric or petrol lawn mower?
 Choice between lawn mower  and electric is not that simple. Petrol lawnmowers have much more power, so they will cope much better with any uneven terrain and in long, thick grass. But something for something, unfortunately they are loud and produce unpleasant exhaust fumes. With petrol mowers, you must also consider their operation, which involves, among others, buying oil. Electric mowers  in turn, they are characterized by quieter operation, economical and ecological operation, lightness and convenience. However, they are definitely weaker, and besides, we are limited by the power cable. But no matter which mower you choose, all devices in our store have a warranty and come from reputable manufacturers such as; John Gardener, Powermat, Stihl

trimmers  known producers - Powermat . Stihl, John Gardener
 The Wasserman store offer includes both electric grass trimmers and petrol grass trimmers. The grass trimmer will be used in hard-to-reach places, all around flower beds, walls and curbs, or for dense thickets on uneven terrain. They are great for mowing grass and weeds in ditches or on slopes. At the Wasserman store, you can purchase complete equipment for lawn care. The assortment includes not only mowers, brush cutters or electric trimmers, but also necessary for them  accessories , such as trimmer braces, electronic speed meter and Stihl engine oil. The rev counter measuring the rotational speed of an internal combustion engine is used for measuring two- and four-stroke engines in brushcutters, saws, mowers, etc. Two-stroke engine oil based on mineral oils. It has very good lubricating properties. For grass trimmers we have a durable two-component (reinforced) cutting line from Bradas.