Wheel unscrewing gun

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How many times have you wrestled with the abutting screws? To unscrew them (or on the contrary - tighten them), often adequate physical strength is not enough. It happens that the problem lies in the difficulty of accessing or gripping the screw. That's when electric impact wrenches come in handy. Their types differ, among others, in their power of operation and power supply. In the Wasserman store you can find professional devices that will be useful wherever something needs to be unscrewed or twisted.

Wheel unscrewing gun

One of the activities that most often use an electric impact wrench is to change the wheels on the car. This device is used by car mechanics every spring and autumn, when the tire change season begins. Thanks to the wheel unscrewing gun, anyone can do the work themselves in their garage. The tool works in such a way that the user can be sure that he will not damage the heads in bolts. Impact wrenches for car wheels available in the Wasserman offer are equipped with a pendulum rotary switch, replaceable attachments and a suitcase in which the whole set can be stored.

Electric keys from a well-known manufacturer - Powermat

The Wasserman store offers devices from a known and respected manufacturer. Electric keys Powermat  they are distinguished by their low weight and ergonomic design. These advantages have a significant impact on the convenience of use and ease of use. It's not everything. Powermat key owners also praise the solid casing, which is followed by the durability of the devices and their service life. There is even room for an LCD display that indicates torque. Impact wrenches allow smooth adjustment of the tightening force and loosening of screws, which translates into a significant improvement in work. The purchase of an electric impact wrench in the Wasserman online store is a satisfaction from its use and a guarantee of a successful investment for years.