The electric jigsaw is not the first tool we have supplied our workshop with. Unless we have a carpentry workshop - then such a device is absolutely necessary. In addition to planes and grinders, it forms the basis of equipment. Contrary to appearances, they can be used not only for wood, but also for plastics, and even for soft metals. This makes the manual jigsaw a universal tool that can be used in many different situations. Therefore, it is worth getting one of the devices available in the Wasserman store.

Electric jigsaws

A jigsaw for wood differs from other tools of a similar purpose primarily in the precision of work. It has, among other things, a built-in laser that makes it easy to stick to the selected cutting line. All this makes it possible to cut even such complex shapes as even, round holes. The saw blade of the device is characterized by small dimensions, which makes it easy to cut shapes even with very small radii. The tools in the Wasserman range are also equipped with a blade speed adjustment function, which is useful, for example, when cutting materials such as plastic - too high speed could start to melt the material. Another convenience in electric jigsaws are connections that remove chips during operation. Thanks to this, it is easy to keep order even during intensive works.

Jigsaws for wood from a well-known manufacturer - Geko

The Geko wood jigsaw is an advanced device, useful mainly in a variety of carpentry work. Thanks to its simple but solid structure, it is easy to handle and easy to handle. Therefore, it will serve both professionals and amateurs. The blades can be replaced without the use of any tools, and the lock button ensures continuity of work, thus reducing user fatigue. So it is easy to see that with an electric jigsaw Geko everything is subject to the principles of ergonomics and consumer comfort.