Chainsaws available in the offer of the Wasserman store can handle any type of wood. These are devices the operation of which will not cause problems, even for those not working with such a tool on a daily basis. The products are intuitive, efficient, ergonomic and comfortable to work with. You can buy from us both a petrol model and an electric chainsaw.

Electric saw and more in the Wasserman store

For garden work, we only need electric chainsaw models. In the Wasserman store you can buy electric saws with high engine power, efficient and safe. Each of these saws has a safety brake and the chains are automatically lubricated. Bearing in mind that the basis for caring for such a tool is proper maintenance and cleaning, we have added the sensational Stil Oil as a gift to some models. Apart from electric wood saws, you can choose a cordless saw. It's also a great tool to cut wood effortlessly. For example, the VERTO cordless chainsaw is equipped with a safety brake, automatic chain lubrication system and an oil level indicator. All our devices comply with safety standards and have guarantees.

Chainsaws from famous manufacturers - John Gardener . Powermat . Verto . Dedra

In addition to the above-mentioned electric and battery saws, the Wasserman store also offers petrol chainsaws. They can be distinguished from electric models with much greater power. Thanks to this, such a saw can handle even more serious gardening or carpentry work. It is an extra fast and safe cutting of wooden elements. Such saws have an anti-vibration function and a safety brake, so you can use them without fear, and work with them is comfortable and highly effective. An example would be the Powermat PM -4 HP 52 saw. This is the newest model of the petrol saw, for both amateur and more professional applications. The maximum power of this device is 4.0 HP and is obtained by the engine with a capacity of 52 cm3. The saw was made of the highest quality components, which were closed in a solid aluminum-magnesium crankcase.