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Some people think that an ax is a simple tool and all you need is one dummy to chop wood. However, it is worth spending a moment thinking about your choice. Because axes differ in material, weight, length of the handle, face and purpose.

Axes and shovels from well-known manufacturers - Maclean . Powermat . Geko . Dedra

each Axe depending on its construction, it is used for other things. Some axes will be perfect for splitting small logs, others for splitting these quite thick branches and others for carpentry work. In our offer you will find axes for various tasks, all made of the best quality materials, a decent style of strong fiber (Fiber Glass) and a head that holds it firmly. Deposition of the head in the handle is carried out hot by means of appropriate devices casting the mass of fiberglass so that it forms an unbroken whole. The blade and butt are made of forged carbon steel sharpened with grinding stones using diamond technology. This gives great sharpness and the possibility of re-sharpening to the condition of the original. When choosing an ax for yourself, think about what kind of work will be done with it, what is the height of the user and the type of wood that we will be chopping. You can choose between light small tourist axes and large axes with a wedge for carpentry work.

Accessories useful for working with an ax

No matter which ax you choose, do not forget about proper maintenance and proper sharpening of the tool. In the Wasserman store you will find sharpeners for this task. AND protective clothing they will be useful just like safety goggles, so that no shard of wood can damage our eyes and scratch the body. Let's also remember about the right shoes. Shoes they should be solid, well-built and hard for the woodcutter. If the plan is long-term work with an ax, we advise you to consider the purchase of appropriate work gloves, prevent slipping of the tool and provide us with a better, more stable and appropriate grip. The ax may not be a complicated tool, but it has its power.