Car chargers

Today we are heavily dependent on electricity. Many devices in our households must operate without interruption, and their possible failure may endanger safety. Needless to say, our comfort and well-being also depend on constant access to electricity. Contrary to appearances, electricity is equally necessary for us at home and outside. It is enough to think about car batteries, which decide whether the engine starts or not. That is why it is so important to always have an alternative power source with you. Uninterruptible power supplies and battery chargers available in the Wasserman store come to the rescue.

Car chargers

There are tons of reasons that can drain your car's battery. The problem is frost, heat, increased humidity, but also too short distances, rare use of the car or advanced electronics on board. Therefore, there should be an automatic car charger in every trunk. It allows you to restore the efficiency of a discharged battery without asking other drivers for help. It is important that we will not find a rescue everywhere and at any time. The charger gives us independence and allows us to charge the battery ourselves. Just remove the battery from the car and connect the charger to it: with the red cable to the positive pole, and the black cable to the negative pole.

Rectifiers and emergency power supplies from well-known manufacturers - Intex, Kemot, Powermat, VOLT, Geko, Blow, Quer, Vipow

Wasserman store is supplied with uninterruptible power supplies by renowned manufacturers. Their equipment is characterized by efficiency and maximum durability. Powermat rectifiers, for example, are distinguished by a high level of functionality - they can charge with a current of 6 or 12 volts. These are compact devices that can prove invaluable while traveling or even before leaving for work in the morning. Some models - including companies Intex . Kemot . VOLT . Blow whether quer - are also intended for domestic needs. Devices Powermat . Geko and VIPs in turn, they will find application in cars.