Burners for leather and wood

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In the category of soldering irons in the Wasserman online store there are practical devices that will be useful in every home workshop. The soldering station available in the offer can cooperate with various types of heaters, including the most common resistance soldering irons. First of all, it will be used to repair larger and smaller electronic devices. The Wasserman assortment also includes wood burners, with which we decorate products of wood and even leather.

Burners for leather and wood

A soldering iron is a much more common device than a burner. It allows durable and tight joining of metal elements with solders. February is that they melt at a lower temperature than the surfaces to be joined, so that they remain intact. The leather and wood burner is used to decorate products made of these materials with elegant ornaments. This is a fairly simple device equipped with a heated stylus, which burns patterns in wood, leather or cork. This way you can decorate furniture or accessories. In some cases, we will also use this equipment as a soldering iron or a thermal knife.

Soldering irons and burners from famous manufacturers - Xtreme, Geko

The devices that were included in the Wasserman online store offer come from the assortments of known and respected manufacturers. Soldering station Xtreme  for example, it is distinguished by convenient and easy operation and smooth temperature control over a wide range. Its operation is signaled by an illuminated switch, and the user's safety is ensured, among others, by an insulated handle. burner Geko  in turn, it has a versatile use. On the one hand, you can use it to decorate home furnishings or wardrobes, on the other, use it to repair small items. Nothing prevents you from using this tool to make original gifts - hardly anyone has the opportunity to give loved ones such personalized gifts as a wallet or a casket with initials burned on them or dedications.