Pneumatic tools

Due to the simple structure and fewer parts mechanically cooperating with each other, pneumatic tools break down five times less often than electric tools. In addition, you must also remember that these tools do not spark, so that the fire hazard is also much lower. The biggest disadvantage of pneumatic tools is probably the need to have a compressed air installation in the workshop.

Pneumatic tools famous producers - Hogert . Pans . Powermat . yato

Among the many tools in the Wasserman store offer you will find, among others, a Hogert key. A key with a durable aluminum composite housing. Light with a three-stage speed control and a right / left rotation switch. The hammer mechanism is a TWIN HAMMER power, and it is the highest efficiency. You can also buy from us set of pneumatic accessories - spraying, spraying, blowing. The accessory kit is an extremely practical kit, designed for spraying and spraying coating materials as well as air blowing with a compressor.

In the set you will get 5 basic products; Spray gun with an upper reservoir, purge gun, blow gun, inflating gun, spiral hose for compressed air. The Yato company is represented by an eccentric grinder with a speed of 9,000 revolutions per minute. The grinder is designed to work with various types of abrasive papers and nonwovens.

Durability and perfection in Wasserman pneumatic tools

All the tools sold in our store are successfully used by many specialists in many areas of the economy. The tools are there to make our lives as easy as possible in every area. And for work on the car, all you need is a good air wrench with a set of sockets. For everyday use, an impact wrench with a power of 850 Nm is enough. With this wrench, we will not only unscrew the bolts at the wheels, but also loosen the seized bolts in the engine. The most important feature of a good air wrench is the ability to flip right-left gear. The non-slip handle guarantees a good grip while working. The tools we sell are made of durable and durable components. Proven manufacturers and we are the guarantor of quality, because we ourselves use only tools from our rich offer.