Plaster grinders

The plaster grinder is designed for grinding plaster and gypsum finish. The devices available in the Wasserman store are equipped with a number of amenities that make renovation even easier. The assortment includes both traditional drywall grinders as well as tools with booms with adjustable length. The equipment is dedicated to professional repairs and allows you to choose the parameters optimally for the work performed. The models included in the store's offer will be used, among others, for sanding gypsum surfaces, wooden and metal surfaces or removing old paint coatings.

Surface grinding machine - operation

Wall and ceiling grinders available in the Wasserman store are characterized by a simple, robust and compact design. Some models are equipped with LED strips illuminating the working area in such a way that no additional halogen lights are needed. Precise lighting of exactly the part of the wall or ceiling on which we are currently working, allows you to achieve the desired effect more easily. The devices also take the shape of grinders with a vacuum cleaner, thanks to which they enable operation without generating harmful particles. The vacuum cleaner turns on when the grinder is turned on, and it turns off with a slight delay, which allows you to vacuum the dust from the surroundings and from the machine. The equipment is equipped with a water filter ensuring high efficiency of removing particles.

Grinders from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Powermat

The plastering machines available in the Wasserman store are products of well-known, proven brands, such as Dedra or Powermat. The devices allow you to adjust the speed of rotation of the disc to the material being grinded and are equipped with ergonomic handles increasing comfort and precision of work. So-called giraffe grinders are also available in the store. Thanks to them, you can easily reach the ceiling and higher parts of walls, you will no longer need a ladder. The plaster grinders have adjustable extension arms, which increases the comfort and safety of work. Their floating heads with a grinding disc will adapt to any surface and reach any angle.