Multifunction grinders

grinders and polishers are extremely functional power tools, helpful in carrying out many works. If you do not know which one to choose, we will advise you whether an orbital sander, belt sander or an eccentric sander will be better. In our store's offer you will find every type of grinder and accessories for these tools.

Grinders from renowned manufacturers - Dedra . Powermat

Almost all of us have witnessed the smoothing of plaster on a wall or ceiling. Manual sanding of plaster or plaster is very, very tedious, and also a bit tedious, long and time-consuming. And cleaning up after this job is not pleasant. Therefore, all those professionals who often deal with grinding have plaster grinders at their disposal. And the best of them have one that has completely eliminated dust. Our grinders will allow you to sand plaster and similar materials. For example, one of the representatives of grinders, Dedra DED7764, is a simple but solid construction. It is equipped with a dust removal system adapted to connect a vacuum cleaner. The openings in the sandpaper guarantee a much better dust removal than the edge ones. We choose the speed of rotation in terms of the processed material. The belt grinder from our offer has only one purpose, to give the final shape to a surface that has previously been processed by other tools. Perfect for smoothing edges of wood or metal, perfect for sharpening metal objects and small details. The disk-belt grinder is compact and simple, but effective. An orbital sander, on the other hand, is a device that is ideal for smooth processing of large and even surfaces. Our orbital sander is professional equipment for grinding metal, stone and wood.

The paintwork has lost its gloss? Varnish polisher - Powermat

The condition of your car's coating is influenced by many different factors. The sun's rays, unlike us, do not have a good effect on our cars. Tree sap tends to be difficult to remove attack, same as sticky pollen or smudged bird droppings. Rainfall, sand from under the wheels, pebbles from under the wheels of other cars, mud and sand. And the scraping of frost? It is all these things that leave marks on the body of our car. Now, however, you can restore the shine to your car yourself. A good polishing paste and a decent polisher with speed control are enough. The Powermat polisher is equipped with an M14 accessory mounting thread, thanks to which we can easily buy spare sponges or other polishing accessories. You can buy the entire set of polishers with sponges, packed in a large collective carton.