Metal detectors

Most children dream of becoming a treasure hunter. Later, these children grow up, but their dreams remain the same. Contrary to appearances, adults find it easier to implement them. They can get a handheld metal detector that will allow them to search any area in search of valuables. Nothing prevents you from taking your children on one of these adventures and helping them make their dreams come true. Metal detectors, however, are products not only for dreamers. They are also of more practical use.

What metal detector to buy to start with?

The metal detector can be used for treasure hunting or to identify electrical wires in walls or underground. So everyone will find the right application for it. Its parameters should be different depending on what it will be used for. If it is to be used for electrical engineering purposes, it can be a small probe that fits in the palm of your hand. If, however, we want to use it to search for valuables, it will take the shape of a two-handed metal detector with a discriminator. Thanks to this function, the device can ignore selected types of metals and signal the detection of others. In this way, we avoid collecting garbage and we can be sure that we will not miss anything of value.

Maclean metal detectors

The Wasserman store is supplied with metal detectors from the respected manufacturer Maclean. Most of the products available in this category are waterproof metal detectors. This feature seems indispensable for devices intended for external use. Thanks to this, we can search for treasures even in capricious weather. The models available in the offer are characterized by durability and long service life.

How does a metal detector work?

Metal detectors generate an electromagnetic field that penetrates the ground. There, all metal objects generate their own fields in response to these waves. Their signal returns to the device that notifies you when the object is detected. It does this by increasing the frequency of beeps or vibrations of the pointer needle.