Heat Guns

A hot air stream that will be useful during various workshop and garden works? This is how electric heat guns work. Thanks to the high temperature they generate, tasks such as removing paint coatings, welding or bending metals, and even disinfecting various surfaces become easier. The versatility of this type of device attracts many supporters, so it is also worth equipping your home workshop with one of their models. In the Wasserman store you can buy efficient and practical heat guns with temperature control.

A power tool for versatile use

Power tools available in the Wasserman offer can be successfully used in a wide range of workshop works. If there is a need to process metal parts, the heat gun will be perfect. It will raise their temperature, which allows them to be bent and formed. You can also use it for desoldering or unsticking various objects. The paint heat gun is most often used. Thanks to its action, painted and varnished surfaces are easier to clean from the layers covering them. With all these applications, the tool remains a very simple device, which allows it to be operated even by amateurs.

Electric heat guns from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Geko

The Wasserman store offer includes devices manufactured by well-known and valued brands on the market. Heat Gun Dedra for example, it is characterized by a solid construction, including a thermostat that protects the tool from overheating. The housing of the device is also resistant to high temperatures. This makes it perfect for any workshop work. A wood heat gun is a slightly more specialized application Geko . It is rather used for decorative works, as it can be used to decorate, for example, furniture or other wooden products. It allows you to burn any patterns in this material, so we are only limited by our imagination and a bit of manual skills!