Bench grinders

Bench grinders are stationary solutions dedicated to every DIY enthusiast. The wide use of these devices can surprise you. They will be useful not only for smoothing the surface of various materials, but also for sharpening metals or polishing other materials. The fact that the workshop grinders are mounted on tops gives the user freedom of movement for both hands. This translates into greater precision of work and the ability to process very small elements. In the Wasserman store you can find high-quality devices that will be useful in a wide variety of workshop tasks.

Workshop grinder

A stationary grinder is a device mounted on a workbench. Its basic element is an abrasive belt that moves in one direction between two rollers. This determines the simplicity and effectiveness of such a tool. It will serve primarily to smooth the surface of materials that have already been properly processed. We can also use disk-belt table grinders for polishing, cleaning or sharpening various objects. So they can be used in the case of wood, as well as metals and plastics. It is also worth paying attention to the models of table double disc grinders available in the Wasserman store. They will be useful for sharpening all workshop tools, such as knives, chisels, scissors and drills.

Bench grinders from famous manufacturers - Dedra, Pansam

Stationary grinders in the Wasserman assortment are products of well-known and respected brands. Company devices Dedra They are characterized by a long service life, which, combined with their affordable prices, makes them an excellent investment for years. Their great advantage is also efficiency and quiet operation, significantly affecting the comfort of users. Bench grinders Pans However, they are characterized by a stable structure. They have shields to protect against sparking and solid and resistant housings that ensure resistance to intensive use.