Angle grinders

At the Wasserman store you can get professional angle grinders for your workshop. They will be useful not only for professionals who work with various materials, but also for amateurs. They can be used during renovations, basic repairs and DIY. Depending on the discs used, angle grinders will find different applications. They will replace other workshop tools and will allow the processing of numerous materials in various ways. The models available in the store's offer are characterized by an attractive quality / price ratio and can significantly facilitate economic work around the house.

Angle cutter

These types of grinders are also often referred to as miter saws or metal rubbers. Their functions depend primarily on the dials we choose for work. So we can use these tools for basic grinding of materials, as well as for polishing or cleaning them. The right shield will also allow us to get rid of rust from the surface of objects, and even cut through them. If we decide to use a blade, the grinder will serve as a file or sheet metal shears. Thanks to its versatility and handy design, the angle grinder can handle any task.

Angle grinders from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Powermat

Power tools available in the Wasserman store come from the assortments of reputable manufacturers. They guarantee the efficiency and resistance of the devices. This makes angle grinders Dedra they delight users with their durability and functionality. They are equipped with numerous amenities that facilitate their use. They have, among others, cushioned handles to protect against vibrations, or a spindle lock, which facilitates mounting the disc. Angle grinders Powermat In turn, they offer a lock against accidental switching on, as well as the Soft Start function, providing for gradual activation of the device. The latter convenience is followed by lower power consumption and a safer start to work.