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Tools department  is a section where you will find everything you need for various renovation works. From key sets to grippers and tile machines. All tools from reputable manufacturers known for years on our market.

 Wrenches, pliers and crimping tools from the Wasserman store Hogert . Dedra .  Hanlong . Kemot . Master

Workshop keys , which can be found in the Wasserman range, are products of well-known and respected brands on the market. All of our articles in this department are characterized by considerable strength and ergonomic shape. The keys are simple and convenient to use, and the solid materials from which they were made translate into their long life. The right workshop kit will make any DIY not scary. In the Wasserman store you will also find pliers and crimping tools . There are universal models on the shelves, as well as those dedicated to specific treatments. Hogert combination pliers will be useful during most works and the side pliers as well as the precision pliers will prove necessary during any electrical installations. The Master automatic stripping device will be used to prepare coaxial cables for applying connectors. If you don't know what can be useful in your DIY journey, bet on sets  socket wrenches. Socket wrenches, bits and screwdriver sockets are useful in any workshop, they can be used to repair a bicycle or a car, assemble furniture or plumbing installations. From many different combinations of tools, you can easily choose a set that will perfectly suit your needs.

 Magnet grippers, elevators and tiling machines from top brands -  Hogert . Dedra . Powermat . Geko
Magnet gripper that can lift up to 2.7 kilograms is an extremely useful tool, boom adjustment and LED lighting mounted in the tip of the tool contribute to increased comfort. Wherever you need to reach and your hand is too short, where you are tight and dark you will appreciate this helper.  Tiling machines , available in the Wasserman store, are products of the well-known Dedra brand. Cutters provide smooth and precise cuts along the tile, as well as across or diagonally. A stable base prevents the tool from slipping on the surface, and the rubber grip on the handle provides a much more stable grip. The store's offer also includes drill sets that allow you to prepare holes in tiles using hole saws of various diameters. They are coated with tungsten carbide, which is cheaper and harder than the diamond often used for this purpose. They also found their place in the tools section brushes and rollers  without which there will be no proper painting.