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Why are we humans in charge of the earth? Why not much stronger and more resilient animals?

Well, we are smarter. Wymyśleliśmy tools and we have learned to use them. What a lumberjack is worth without ax or a gardener without mowers . We shape the world with tools and they make us the kings of the Earth. Not all of us can afford to invent new tools, but we can all use those we have invented. Everyone has a screwdriver or something at home gauge , we cannot exist without simple devices, an ordinary hammer is not enough anymore, we buy multifunctional power . The question arises "

What to consider when buying tools?

What is important? Price? Mark? I don't think there is a golden mean. Sometimes expensive branded products are not of the best design and among the cheap "no name" devices there are devices that have been used by us for years. By choosing a brand-name and more expensive product, we certainly increase the likelihood of successful purchases, but we can always get an unpleasant surprise. The advice is to trust the professionals and their opinions. When shopping in the store trusted where we have already made successful purchases many times, we can say with high probability that further purchases in this place will be successful. My advice is to buy tools in stores that have yours trust . We can assume that such a store will not sell emergency devices or disproportionately expensive devices. Shops work for the trust of customers for years and do not want to lose this trust by selling defective products. This is my idea when it comes to choosing tools. Or a shop Wasserman.pl it deserves trust and shopping here is for the sole discretion of my customers. But personally, I use the tools sold here Powermat . Kaminer or other brands. I am not only a store owner Wasserman but also the user of the products sold here. I don't want to sell something that I wouldn't buy myself. Simple;) Regards Krzysztof Wasilewski.