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Sections starting with "Other ..." contain accessories needed for specific devices. But not only that, sometimes we find there things that do not fit into specific departments and extremely useful in various areas of our lives. We invite you to search the "Other .." or "Other .." sections

Spy accessories and more - Media - Tech . Blow
In the Wasserman assortment in the department spy articles you won't find shooting pens or explosives in the form of chewing gum. In this section you will find endoscopic cameras, locators or a voice recorder, which can be used as wiretapping. Endoscopic cameras they are useful not only to detectives, but also to doctors or mechanics. They allow you to thoroughly examine the pipe, ventilation ducts, the engine with its recesses or simply find various trinkets hidden from our eyes. The long cable and waterproof design of this webcam on the cable allows us to control even the most difficult places available in buildings and vehicles. And various types of locators help in finding things and people. The car locator will help find a parked car or track down a hollow of thieves. And the locator built into the smartwatch supports parental control.

Voice recorders, wiretapping, megaphone
megaphones in the section other RTV was not found by accident. We offer our customers megaphones with a microphone of the best brands. Blow megaphones are characterized by a pistol construction, high sound system efficiency and equipment. The sound emitted by this megaphone will travel to a distance of about 600 meters. Megaphone power supply is batteries, which can work for up to 8 hours. We also recommend equipment from Voice Kraft . The sound emitted by them is clear and perfectly audible. In addition to megaphones in this section, you'll also find great ones dictaphones. They are used not only for recording, but also for storing data. Such a mini digital voice recorder behaves and looks like an ordinary USB stick when connected to a computer. You will record your voice discreetly in every situation. Extremely easy to use, just move the slider to the ON position and it is already recording. The voice recorder is made of very good quality materials, this is not a product that falls apart in our hands, and the built-in high-quality polymer battery allows you to work for 4 hours without charging. Here you will also find bluetooth adapters, power cords, organizers, splitters and speaker sockets. Welcome.