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Computers and laptops are undoubtedly one of the most popular multimedia devices we have at home. In order to take full advantage of all the possibilities of such devices, it is good to have the necessary accessories for them. What devices will be useful? Take a look at the computer accessories section and see for yourself.

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In order to use the sound capabilities of our equipment, we definitely need a good class speakers and headphones . The speakers available in the Wasserman store will provide you with excellent sound quality. Our speakers are not only of excellent quality, but also workmanship. Their design makes the speakers look great both at home and in the office. If you want to listen to music in more intimate conditions, you will need headphones, and here we have a large selection. You can choose between in-ear headphones, headphones with a microphone, wireless or wired. We also have headphones specially dedicated to players. And for conversations with friends or family, a webcam, such as the Media-Tech webcam, will be useful. The 300Kpix sensor and the high-quality built-in microphone make it an ideal tool for online calls. If your devices do not have a Bluetooth module, you do not have to worry about it, just purchase it from us Bluetooth transmitter and receiver in one. As a transmitter, the device will send an audio signal to a Bluetooth receiver, for example to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. And after plugging in headphones or connecting to another audio device, it will be our receiver. In this section you can also buy external ones Network cards LAN, high-quality music cards or VIDEO GRABBER - a device for capturing and converting analog audio / video signals, e.g. from VHS to VCD, DVD.

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Hardware overheating can be manifested by various disruptions in the operation of the computer, so it is worth stocking up on cooling pads . Lower temperature means quieter laptop operation, increased reliability and longer computer efficiency. If you need two monitors to work and you need to have them next to you, the handle will help you, it can be attached to a desk, table or other top. You can place two monitors on such a mount.

Best mouse and keyboard from well-known manufacturers in our offer is the certainty that he will get the best on the market. The Wasserman store offers hand-shaped mice, a laser mouse and an optical mouse. Laser mice are more precise than optical mice, so they are more often chosen by computer players. Mice have different resolutions and connection types, i.e. wired and wireless. If you are looking for a durable and solid mouse, you must pay attention to gaming mice, designed for gamers and intended for much more intensive use. Another accessory from our gaming shelf is a pad, the new Esperanza gamepad is a modern device designed to handle the latest games. Ergonomic, hand-adapted shape, 2 analog manipulators, 12 action buttons, 8-way D-pad make it an excellent controller for any type of game. When buying a keyboard, the choice will be mainly between a mechanical or a membrane keyboard? Membrane keyboards used in most computers are popular and cheap. However, it is the mechanical keyboard that is much more resistant to overload. Our offer also includes multimedia keyboards, they have buttons whose main task is to facilitate access to multimedia and the Internet.