Power strip extension cords

An extension cord is necessary in every household. Even if you have electrical sockets in the exact number that suits you best, in terms of functionality and convenience, it always turns out that there is no access to electricity somewhere. Extension cords are different, one will be suitable for the garden, and another will be used to connect office equipment. Our offer includes various types of extension cords.

Types of extension cords in our offer

Extension for domestic use, called slats, they are 1.5 to 5 m long and usually end with a slat with two to ten sockets. These sockets can be earthed or not. With grounding, they are recommended for electronic devices (RTV, household appliances, computers), and the latter for more simple electrical devices (lamps). Sometimes, each socket has a flap on the strips, and when nothing is connected to them, they can be closed and dust less. Extension cords for computer and RTV equipment have a switch with a fuse. In the event of a sudden voltage surge, short circuit or a violent storm, the fuse will cut the power supply and our devices will not fail or be destroyed. You will also find strip extensions with the so-called anti-interference filter, such a filter suppresses high-frequency interference (adversely affecting the operation of computers). For portable equipment that can be charged via a USB cable, extension cords with a charger and USB sockets are useful

Extension cords on offer from Wasserman- Kemot . Blow

In addition to various household extension cords, in the store you will also find extension cords that are perfect for the garden or construction site. Drum / construction extension cords are designed to work in more severe environmental conditions and have been made in such a way that they are as comfortable to use as possible. They are distinguished by length, high class of protection against damage and atmospheric phenomena, and high mobility. Garden extension cords allow you to connect devices outdoors. They are useful in every garden, whenever you need to start a mower, a hedge trimmer or, for example, a water pump. These outdoor electric extension cords are specially adapted to outdoor conditions, so we don't have to worry about their safe use. The cord is wound onto a reel that we can twist to coiled or unwind it. Drum extension cords can have a range of 15 to 50 m, and some even up to 120 m. On the side of the drum there are 3 or 4 230 V sockets, regular or earthed. All these extension cords are IP rated, for the garden and for the construction site, try to choose only elements with a class of at least IP44. Thanks to the presence of an electric extension cord, it is possible to connect devices for work and entertainment in a place that suits you.