Work time registration

Bouncing cards after coming to work and after its completion may be associated with employment in a factory, but nowadays it is also a common practice in corporations. An eight-hour work system, the obligation to spend time in the office from a specific time to a specific time (e.g. from 8 to 16 or from 9 to 17) forces employees to be punctual, and the employer must find a way to check this in a simple and convenient way. The work time registration system can easily handle this task.

Work time records

Depending on the size of the company and the number of employees, ways of checking "presence" can vary. If we work in the company of just a few people, then one glance at the open space is enough to notice who is missing. However, when the number of employees increases and the working hours are mobile, it is best to install a working time registration system in your company. Working time control can take place in various ways, we offer you a simple and intuitive time recorder of a well-known manufacturer Electroway . The system can replace the daily creation of an analog attendance list, records the time of arrival and departure (along with the exact time the card is bounced) and can store and catalog data even for many years.

Products of a well-known manufacturer - Electroway

In our offer you will find both time recorders sold in sets with several proximity cards, as well as cards sold by the piece. Recording working time with a device using proximity cards is child's play. It is enough to install the equipment in a place generally accessible to employees, and then to each of them assign an individual card with the name and surname. At each entry and exit from the office, a device card should be placed and it will record the time of arrival and departure of the employee and will summarize the number of hours he spent in the office on a given day, week or month. Thanks to Electroway products, the recording of working time will be child's play, and the data from the device will be quickly transferred to a computer using a USB cable (included in the set) to be able to conveniently view them.