How to choose a garden grill?

Garden grills have long been practically an obligatory element of every single-family home. In the past, a simple folding garden grill could satisfy the needs of the family. Today, appreciating the advantages of this form of meal preparation and looking for new flavors, we eagerly focus on more advanced designs. One of the interesting and fashionable trends are garden grills with a smokehouse. Regardless of which model you choose, we hope that the equipment available in the Wasserman store will provide you with excellent meals, as well as pleasant meetings with friends or family.

How to choose a garden grill?

Nowadays, grilling has become not only an interesting form of spending free time and socializing, but even a kind of art. For this reason, garden grills come in various forms, shapes and sizes, having a number of additional functions influencing the process of preparing food. Customers who do not have a large area in their backyard or are looking for a simpler solution, for example for a plot, will find a typical folding garden grill in our offer. Its advantages include small size, but also a simple structure enabling efficient transport and resistance to weather conditions thanks to its excellent workmanship. For those who choose larger garden grills, we have prepared models with various amenities. Two-chamber grills allow for greater creativity in the preparation of tasty dishes, and the equipment with a chimney ensures optimal air circulation. Convenient, on the other hand, are the handles to prevent burns or the set of kitchen tools attached to the grill.

Garden barbecues with a smokehouse

If the folding garden grill does not meet all your needs, we recommend garden barbecues with a smokehouse as an interesting alternative. Thanks to such comprehensive solutions, we can look for new taste sensations with pleasure and diversify the weekend feast in the open air. Garden grills with a smokehouse also have a number of additional amenities. One of them is the built-in thermometer, which will allow experienced cooks to stick to proven recipes for grilled meat, vegetables or fish. In the Wassermann store, we assume that modern and solidly made home and garden equipment does not have to cost a fortune, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer including garden grill, which will ensure an excellent meal and shared joy during meetings with your loved ones. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Eldom or Import.