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A router is a device without which it is difficult to imagine any computer network. It acts as a communication node and provides Internet to individual devices. We often use routers in homes and offices. They receive the network signal and divide it between all computers. The Wasserman store offer includes reliable MikroTik routers. They are equipped with a number of useful functions that facilitate the use of the Internet on a daily basis.

Build a router at home

The MikroTik router available in the Wasserman store is a device with huge possibilities. It offers splitting of the network signal into several computers connected to Ethernet sockets and a wireless network. Each of these links can be configured separately. In addition, MikroTik routers have USB ports to which you can connect an external disk (for example, to collect registers) or a 3G modem (providing a spare link).

The MikroTik Wi-Fi routerboard is a device so technologically advanced that it allows you to create even complex firewall rules, traffic queuing or support for multiple routing protocols. Without the use of external servers, you can create a simple hotspot, as well as accurately log in and filter all websites visited.

Micro-Tik Wi-Fi router manufacturer

Mikro-Tik innovative routers Wasserman offers in many variants differing in technological possibilities, but also in shape or color. They are characterized by excellent value for money. Mikro-Tik is a producer from Latvia, whose popularity is constantly growing. Its routerboards can cover a large area, eliminating blind spots. They provide a fast connection to the network, while preventing interference. They guarantee easy connection to the Internet and comfortable use of the network. Mikro-Tik routers are characterized by great technical parameters and are suitable for both home and office use.