Leaf vacuum cleaners

When is a leaf vacuum most useful? Everyone will answer that fall. But such leaf vacuum cleaners are also great in the winter to blow snow, and after renovations, for example, to blow off styrofoam balls. A vacuum cleaner or blower will allow us to perform such tasks much faster and more conveniently. It is worth considering buying such a device for yourself, especially if you have a large garden in which autumn works can get tired. In addition to blowers, a leaf sweeper is also a very practical device

Leaf removers in the Wasserman store - Triton . Malatec
 This type of garden equipment greatly facilitates the work of removing garden leaves or grass from the beds lined with stones, bark or grits and from all hard to reach corners of our garden. They are also great for removing small trash or sand from sidewalks, squares and driveways. In garden vacuum cleaners, we can regulate the blow or suction power, and this will significantly facilitate our work. Vacuum cleaners available in our offer have the function of grinding harvested leaves. They then take up less space in the bag, and in addition we get material for composting. These are small devices worn on the shoulder, on which they are attached with special braces. The devices are usually mains powered, but there are also battery-powered versions. Our vacuum cleaners also play the role of a blower, most often they are used to clean specific surfaces, e.g. pavements or access roads. Blown away, they land next to the lawns, then just pull them into the vacuum cleaner.

 Not only vacuum cleaners and blowers but i leaf sweepers  you will find in our offer
 Sweeper is a device that allows you to significantly speed up all cleaning work. It will be used on hardened surfaces, paving stones, asphalt, bricks or cement, it will also work on terraces, floors and floors. Depending on which model you choose for yourself, it will collect leaves, gravel, small stones as well as dust and small dirt. Hand sweepers are relatively small, the garbage is picked up by the first brush and then alternately shifted upwards, backwards into the dust container. Both side brushes support the work of both brushes, sweeping trash from the corners and edges. Let's remember that regardless of whether we buy a manual or petrol sweeper, such a device will be used in various weather conditions. Because of this, many models can wear out a bit faster than their manufacturer predicts. Therefore, we advise you to consider the possibility of buying spare parts and their availability. It is good to buy a well-known brand, then we have easily available spare parts.