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Section sport and tourism is a section in which you will find various accessories useful not only during trips, but also in everyday life. There are medical accessories and sports equipment as well as practical and entertainment equipment such as metal detectors.

Medical accessories recommended by doctors - Promedix . Adler
Medical accessories are designed to help us look after our health. Blood pressure monitors, thermometers and inhalers will help us. In our offer you will find inhaler fudge that was created especially for children. Masks and filters are also included with the inhalers. They will help you in relaxation massage mats or heating. Such an electric cushion, for example, is a relief for aching joints or rheumatism, or additional heating of cold feet. Pedometers or wrist weights for those who exercise can also be useful accessories. For sports enthusiasts our online store offers fitness equipment and sports accessories . A watch with a heart rate monitor or a multi-functional band will definitely encourage us to take care of our health. And thanks to the stationary exercise bike, we can freely train regardless of the weather outside the window. We can make training more enjoyable with music that we can listen to in wireless headphones. And we can keep all our exploits on bicycles, exercise benches or exercise balances on push-up handles thanks to specially adapted and extremely durable and even waterproof sports cameras. In the sports accessories section you will find everything that is useful during cycling trips, we have various bike accesories , helmets, pumps, lamps, flashlights, baskets and bicycle bags.

And at home, sometimes such a stove becomes necessary - Mesko . Geko . Adler . Camry
portable electric cookers is an ideal solution not only for tourists. In the event of renovation of the kitchen, for those who rent a flat, for those with a tiny kitchen, for those who organize large parties. For all of them, such a tourist stove will be a device that provides a solution to these problems. Lightweight, easy to use and ideal for storage is tourist and home equipment. In addition to the stove on a trip, a bicycle pump is also useful. Such a car and bicycle pump can save us in an unexpected situation. The flabby tire will definitely destroy our cycling pleasure. If you want to experience the pleasures of physical exertion outdoors, stock up on a trampoline. Trampoline Garden we offer is made of decent and durable materials and its steel and strong construction will withstand loads of up to 180 kg. Are you bored on vacation? You don't have to do it anymore Metal Detector. Metal detectors available in our store ( Maclean . Xtreme ) with a discriminator, it is a convenient solution for everyone who dreams of finding a treasure buried underground or hidden in the floor or wall of an old house. Our devices have an adjustable arm length, a waterproof coil, an analog measurement indicator and a universal headphone jack.