Telephones and accessories

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In addition to phones, this section also contains smartwatches, powerbanks, chargers and phone holders. Without some of these things, no cell phone user can do without.

Chargers and powerbani - High power . Blow . Extreme

To the most popular ones telephone accessories without which no phone user can cope with the chargers and batteries for the phones. Sometimes the charger saves a situation when you have to call quickly and the phone is discharged. It's good to always have a charger at hand, which plugs into the car cigarette lighter socket or a USB cable connecting the phone to the computer. Such a cable will allow us not only to charge the phone, but also to transfer various data from one device to another. In addition to telephone chargers, you will also find here boosters, are starting devices that allow you to start a car, boat or motorbike. Such boosters usually have a number of additional functions, such as an integrated flashlight, a blade to cut the belts, it can be used as an escape hammer (from the side reinforced with a metal surface). Boosters sold in our store are packed in a comfortable and durable suitcase.

GSM accessories - Blow . Kruger-Matz . Axiver . ExtremeStyle

Music lovers will find several types of headphones to choose from, and for drivers we have hands-free kits and phone holders. If you want to protect your phone against mechanical damage, you will buy from us tempered glass and protective films glued to the screen, and a case. Among the various GSM accessories available in our store, you will find travel adapters, there are different types of sockets in different countries. Viewing our offer you will find a sports watch with a heart rate monitor, several types smartwachów and products such as smartband - fitness band with built-in Bluetooth, it has, among others sleep monitoring and music playback function. For lovers of multifunctional equipment, we have a sports watch with a heart rate monitor, among many functions it has e.g. heart rate measurement, measurement of calories burned during exercise and the number of kilometers traveled. Walking between the shelves of our store you can come across wireless landlines. They are less and less often used, but they are still able to defend themselves.