Although most of us can say with full responsibility that we love beautiful, sunny weather, we must also admit that the heat can be tiring. It's best to spend hot days by the water, in nature. Unfortunately, it often happens that we cannot afford it - we are stopped by professional or home duties. If we spend the heat indoors, we cannot do without decent fans. In the Wasserman online store, you can find functional devices of this type. Thanks to them, we can easily bring a breath of refreshing air into the apartment, workshop or office.

Floor fans

Floor fans are the most common solution. These are devices that can be set up anywhere and move freely. They are only limited by the range of the cable. Floor standing fans are easy to fold, so they are perfect for storage in a closet or basement. They are characterized by a high level of functionality, because you can adjust the angle of inclination of their heads, thus setting the airflow direction. Industrial fans are equipped with an automatic oscillation function, which is responsible for rotation in the horizontal axis. What's more, we can easily set the height of the fan, adjusting it to the needs of the cooled room. Floor fans are also very easy and quick to install, so you can fold them and unfold them at any time.

Fans of well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Descon, Import, Ravason, Camry, Adler, Windpower, Fandesign

In the Wasserman store you can find fans from the assortment of well-known and respected manufacturers. The offer includes not only standing fans, but also socket heaters and Dedra electric heaters. These are attractive solutions for heating rooms on colder days. If we want to combine both functions - heating and cooling - it is worth taking an interest in, for example, fan heaters for the socket. Just plug them in and set the desired temperature. The built-in thermostat will automatically adjust and maintain a constant temperature in the interior.