Air conditioners

On hot days, every way to cool off is priceless. In the summer, we gladly reach for fans, windmills, drinks from the fridge, and above all ... air conditioning. Our apartments rarely have such luxury, but it doesn't mean that we can count on drafts or hide from heat in the basement. At Wasserman, for example, you can buy portable water conditioners. Their great advantage is mobility and low operating costs.

Air conditioners with a water pump

Air conditioners with a water pump can be placed exactly where we need them. If necessary, they can be easily moved or hidden when they are no longer needed. Thanks to this, they do not take up valuable space. Another great advantage is their multi-functionality. A standing air conditioner not only cools the air, but also cleanses and moisturizes it. This makes indoor air healthy for us and bacteria do not grow in it. The portable water conditioner can also be easily adjusted. Thanks to this, we adapt the temperature to our needs - the room will be neither too cold nor too warm.

Air conditioners from a known manufacturer - Ravanson

In the Wasserman store you can buy portable air conditioners from the renowned manufacturer Ravanson. It's a great way to air-condition your room. Unlike stationary air conditioners, mobile devices do not require any renovation or special installation. Just fill them with water and start, and remember to regularly top up the liquid. On one hand, Ravanson indoor air conditioners cool, ionize and clean the air. On the other hand, some models are also equipped with heating and drying functions. The multifunctionality of these devices in combination with their mobility makes such air conditioners the perfect solution. You can use them both in summer and winter, and when you do not need them - conveniently store in the glove box. And all this at an attractive price of electricity and a few liters of water!