Barbecue sets and utensils

Barbecue is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your free time. You can organize it with family, friends or neighbors. It is an ideal entertainment, as it turns gray reality into pure pleasure. Instead of hanging around with pots in the kitchen, you can prepare delicious dishes while enjoying the company of your loved ones, sipping cold drinks and exposing your face to the sun. In order to guarantee your culinary success and make the time spent at the grill as pleasant as possible, you need to take care of the appropriate equipment. You can get the necessary accessories in the Wasserman store!

Barbecue sets and utensils

In the Wasserman store you can find both reliable grills and all the necessary accessories. We can choose, among others, an electric contact grill, a folding garden grill or a grill and a smokehouse in one. Each of these models has a different application. The first one will please mainly people living in blocks, as it can be used on balconies. The second is a standard solution, chosen most often. The third, in turn, is an offer for ambitious people who like to experiment with taste. It is also a closed garden grill, which has the advantage over the others that it prevents the dishes from cooling down and speeds up their thermal processing.

Garden grills and barbecue utensils from well-known manufacturers - Dedra, Eldom, PRO

The Wasserman store also offers numerous barbecue utensils from well-known producers. Thanks to them, preparing meals will be easier than ever. One of the biggest problems is lighting the grill. Therefore, the Dedra hand blower is the perfect solution. It generates a stream of air that stokes the fire and accelerates the combustion of coal. Thanks to this, we can put our dishes on it much faster. The grill lighting blower means that we don't have to spit our lungs out, trying to spread the fire with gusts. The assortment also includes a professional grill PRO set, which includes, among others, spatulas, knives, forks and brushes.