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If you use CB radio, you know how useful add-ons can be used in it. Make this device easier to use by equipping it with the necessary connectors and accessories. The products offered in the Wasserman store will be useful for you while upgrading your CB radio, and will also translate into more convenient mounting in the car. These are efficient devices and elements made of solid materials, guaranteeing durability and efficiency of the installation. They are compatible with most of the equipment on the market.

Store with accessories for CB radio

In the Wasserman store you can find useful CB accessories, among which are worth mentioning, for example, a reflectometer. This device is used to tune the antenna and radio. It measures the standing wave ratio of the transmitter and allows you to configure the settings. They can be used for both car and stationary sets. Its advantage is easy operation and trouble-free operation. The range also includes additional speakers for CB radio. They improve listening in the event of increased noise, for example. They can be connected to the device using a universal mini Jack plug. Wasserman also offers replaceable cables that will be useful if the wires on the CB radio antenna are worn.

Accessories for CB radios from well-known manufacturers - Satec, CRT, Diamond

CB radio accessories, available from the Wasserman offer, are products of well-known brands. Companies CRT  and Diamond  among others, they provide reliable reflectometers that we will use to adjust the standing wave ratio. The devices are characterized by very low connection losses, reliability and high measurement accuracy. In addition, we offer spare plugs, socket reductions and coaxial cables. Truck drivers will be primarily interested in additional speakers, as well as metal microphone hangers, on which you can conveniently hang a CB radio pear. The range also includes car lighter plugs and magnetic washers for the CB antenna.