Garden sprayers

When cultivating the garden, we must not forget about fertilizing it. Plants are often the victims of pests that can ruin our home crops. Insects destroy flowers, ornamental shrubs and, for example, fruit trees. Therefore, it is worth spraying the plants with special fertilizers and chemicals. For this purpose, a hand garden sprayer will be useful in every home. You can get these types of tools from the Wasserman store. They are characterized by easy operation and functionality.

Hand pressure sprayer

Garden sprayer allows even coverage of plants with protective agents. It is worth using organic preparations, so as not to inadvertently harm the environment. The selection of specific ingredients will also affect the nutritional values ​​and taste of cultured fruits or vegetables. The decision to buy the right equipment will mainly depend on the surface that needs to be sprayed. Hand pressure sprayers are therefore suitable for large gardens. They can be worn on the shoulder, thanks to which the process of spraying trees and shrubs is easy and comfortable. They are characterized by ergonomic design and the use of durable materials that remain resistant to chemicals and intensive use. They have capacious tanks, which means that they do not require continuous filling. They are light and equipped with comfortable braces that facilitate working with them.

Garden sprayers from well-known manufacturers - Powermat, Geko

Garden sprayers available in the Wasserman store are tools from the assortments of known brands. It is worth to be interested in their offer, because the products have an attractive value for money and are one of the necessary elements of every gardener's equipment. The Powermat garden sprayer is equipped with a hand pump that provides it with considerable range and performance. Also noteworthy are the smaller manufacturer's models used for spraying, sprinkling or polishing individual plants. They have adjustable, brass nozzles that extend the tool life. It is also worth mentioning the Geko pressure sprayers, which provide excellent spraying conditions.