Hoses and accessories

The basis for comfortable and effective work in the garden is to equip yourself with the right gardening equipment. And one of the most important elements of such gardening equipment are garden hoses. All plants need water to survive and only their regular watering is a condition for their proper development. But such a garden hose is not only useful for moisturizing the soil, it is also a great helper when washing the car, cleaning driveways and terraces, will help fill the garden pool or serve as a shower when dripping our quadruped. During the expedition for the snake's shopping you will also meet with its other term - a hose or a hose. This term comes from German (original Schlauch) and can often be heard on our native plots.
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You can buy Wasserman in the store garden hoses different types and lengths. Hoses made of decent quality materials resistant to UV rays, hoses with layers that do not allow light, guaranteeing that algae will not grow inside. When choosing a garden hose for yourself, pay attention to its dimensions, i.e. length and diameter. To choose the right length, we need to know the distance between the water intake point and the farthest point in the garden, and then add about 1-2 meters to it. The most common garden hoses consist of one or two layers of plastic (PVC). Other hoses, light and flexible, are models made of artificial rubber (EPDM). The Wasserman's offer includes three-, four- and five-layer hoses with braids made of polyester or textile fibers. Our hoses also have special coatings that guarantee flexibility and strength. Hoses sold in our store are resistant to damage, they do not twist, do not break or knot.

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Using a hose also means moving it, unrolling it and reaching the ends of the garden. Snakes tend to curl, tangle and bend. That is why it is worth to stock up with extremely useful accessories, such as stands, drum carriers, and prams. These articles facilitate the work with garden hoses. It's also worth thinking about the right way to store your hose. A great thing is, for example, a special wall hanger that will provide us with an ergonomic positioning of the hose and protect it against bends. In the Wasserman store, we can also buy sprinkler tips, connectors and tap fittings properly selected for the diameter of our hose. We have all garden articles from well-known and respected producers such as Cellfast, a Polish company with many years of experience in the production of all elements of the garden irrigation system - from tap connections, through quick couplings and garden hoses, to spray guns and various types of sprinklers. In turn, GEKO products are a wide range of different devices that are designed for both professionals and DIYers and are characterized by strength, solid performance and what is extremely important nowadays a competitive price