Hedge trimmer

The garden is a showcase of our home. It is worth taking care of it so that it pleases the eyes with its appearance. Most often, our gardens are surrounded by a dense hedge and in order not to look like a disheveled bushy beard, it should be regularly trimmed. And in order to take care of these bushes, we need to use good pruning shears. Anyway, such shears will be useful not only for the hedge, but also help to take care of everything that grows spontaneously.
Electric scissors and battery packs from well-known manufacturers - Powermat . John Gardener . Geko
Among the many cutting tools in our offer you will find a hedge trimmer. Electric, petrol and battery shears. Electric shears will be perfect for small garden works. All our scissors are made of decent quality materials, the blades of the scissors are made of very durable and light high-carbon steel. The two-stage switching system will prevent any accidental activation of the device, and the transparent cover made of durable plastic improves work safety. Vibrations in the scissors are almost imperceptible and their system of turning the handle 45 ° left and right makes working with this device very easy. The cordless shears, on the other hand, are the perfect tool for e.g. finishing lawn edges. Thanks to the use of a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1300mAh, they become a handy tool without an uncomfortable cable. Ergonomic handles, in all tools from our offer, are covered with non-slip linings, which together with their low weight makes the work comfortable and safe.

Hand scissors for trimming hedges
Only thanks to regular trimming, the hedge will be beautiful, dense and well-kept. In addition to petrol, battery or electric shears, it is also worth having these simple, functional manual hedge trimmers. The perfect helper for quick trimming and edge alignment. Among the manual scissors you will find many different models, there are those with short blades and scissors with longer handles that will help you trim hard-to-reach places and reach much higher than those with short ones. We focus on proven manufacturers and well-made tools. The hand scissors from our offer are universal tools with wave-cut blades. They are made of HCS steel and coated with Teflon, which prevents corrosion. The handles of these scissors, made of polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber, prevent the scissors from slipping out, even if our hands are wet.