What to consider when choosing a car antenna?

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CB-radio gives us great opportunities. It is most widely used on roads. Drivers use it to exchange information about the route and ask for help if needed. CB-radio is as effective as the antenna used. That is why the Wasserman store offers solid CB car antennas that ensure maximum range and allow you to fully use the potential of the popular citizen band radio. The products are characterized by easy assembly and trouble-free tuning and use.

What to consider when choosing a car antenna?

The CB-radio antenna is an element of the radio device used to capture and convert electromagnetic wave and high frequency energy. Depending on whether it receives the signal or transmits it, it will change the waves into energy or vice versa. The most important parameter of a CB car antenna is undoubtedly range. Which radius it receives signals depends mainly on its height. The higher the antenna, the greater its range. Of course, factors such as topography and building level will also affect it. However, when buying a magnetic CB antenna for a car, you should first pay attention to the range provided by the manufacturer.

CB car antennas of well-known manufacturers - Sirio, Midland / Alan

CB-radio antennas available in the Wasserman store are products of well-known brands such as Sirio or Midland / Alan. The range includes magnetic antennas that are designed for mounting on the roof of the car. It is a very convenient solution enabling the use of one antenna in many vehicles. The quality of the products largely depends on their resonance frequency, bandwidth, energy gain, input impedance or standing wave ratio. Wasserman's offer also includes `, showing a solid construction, and therefore high flexibility and resistance to harsh weather conditions.