Mowers and trimmers

A healthy, even, green lawn is probably the dream of everyone who has a house with a garden. Regular maintenance is essential for the grass to be attractive to the eye. It consists not only of fertilization, but most of all mowing. And this is the more effective and pleasant the better the mower we have. In the Wasserman store you can find efficient and reliable Powermat devices that will help us take care of the garden professionally.

Electric or petrol? We choose a lawn mower

The age-old dilemma is choosing between petrol lawn mower and electric. Powermat petrol mowers have much more power, so they are not afraid of uneven terrain and long, dense grass. However, they are noisy and produce fumes that are unpleasant to the nose. Their next disadvantage is more expensive operation, because they require fuel to work. Electric lawn mowers Powermat, in turn, are characterized by quieter operation, economical and ecological operation, as well as lightness and handiness. However, they are much weaker and are also limited by the cable length. The cable itself also means that using them requires constant concentration, as a moment of inattention may result in a serious accident.

Mowers and trimmers from well-known manufacturers - Powermat . Stihl . John Gardener

The offer of the Wasserman store includes both Powermat electric and petrol lawn trimmers trimmers Powermat. The assortment also includes various mowers and shoulder harnesses for the brush cutter. We will use the trimmer in hard-to-reach places, for dense bushes on uneven terrain. They are perfect for mowing grass and weeds in ditches or on slopes. On the other hand, the mowers will work well on a relatively flat surface and will allow for quick and even mowing of the garden. Complete lawn care equipment can be purchased from the Wasserman shop. The range includes both Powermat lawn mowers and brushcutters, as well as accessories such as the harness for brushcutters, electronic speedometer and Stihl engine oil.