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The men's trimmer is a multifunctional device designed for trimming beard and body hair. It is equipped with the function of adjusting the length of the haircut, which allows men to wear exactly the beard they dream of. Today, the obligatory equipment trimmers for various reasons displace traditional razors. All because lumberjack beards and stubble beards have become fashionable. The shaving trimmer is used not only for facial care, it is also increasingly used for hair on other parts of the body.

Beard trimmer

The beard trimmer is nothing but a beard trimmer. It differs from an ordinary shaver in that it allows you to adjust the length of the beard, and does not require its complete removal. Thanks to the built-in system or additional overlays, you can choose the desired length and model your beard freely. Trimmers can have a built-in battery that allows you to work without access to electricity, or work only with mains power. They also differ in the number of cutting length settings and the material from which the blades are made. The devices available in the Wasserman store combine comfort with efficiency and delicacy. Thanks to them, you can make sure that a few days beard looks neat, and the grown-up beard does not discourage the messy look.

Nose and ear trimmer

The beard trimmer will sometimes also serve other purposes. Most often we will meet with the nose and ear trimmer, thanks to which we will remove unnecessary and unattractive looking hair. Increasingly, men also reach for trimmers to deal with hair on the back or legs. Beard and nose trimmers, which can be found in the Wasserman offer, are multifunctional devices that allow you to both shave your face and trim your facial hair, and even get rid of ear and nose hair. Accessories combining the functions of a shaver and a nose and ear trimmer is a very convenient solution that should be found in the equipment of every man who cares about his appearance. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Eldom, Mesko or Moser.