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The Wasserman store offers high-quality hair clippers. These are convenient devices that you do not need to have at home, but they are certainly a great convenience. Hair clipper facilitates body care and saves a lot of time. Gentlemen who prefer short, practical hairstyles will be able to take care of them themselves, and ladies interested in fashionable shaving the side of the head will get a chance to change their image. It is worth noting that the store's assortment also includes animal clippers. They allow independent care of the hair of our pets.

Professional hair shaver

Hair shavers available in the Wasserman store combine high quality and affordable price. They are equipped with a built-in trimmer, which will be used for precise modeling of the hairstyle or facial hair. Made of solid material, the blades do not dull for a long time. Professional hair trimmers allow you to cut at various lengths thanks to the numerous comb tips. These universal devices that both men and women can use. They will be used to cut the head or other parts of the body. You can take care of your hairstyle without leaving your home and waiting in line at the hairdresser. Hair machines are therefore a solution that saves time and money.

Animal clipper

Hair machines are not just for people. The Wasserman store also offers models for animals. Some dog breeds should have their hair trimmed regularly. This treatment is used especially for shaggy and long-haired quadrupeds. Their fur - if left neglected and tangled - can become a habitat for insects and bacteria. These can in turn lead to serious illness and health problems. Clipper for animals helps to avoid such complications, so it's worth stocking up with such equipment if your pet requires this type of care. This saves you and him a costly (and for some, stressful) visit to a dog hairdresser. In our offer you will find products from well-known producers such as Adler, Wahl, Mesko and Powermat.