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If you use CB radio, you know how useful add-ons can be. The necessary connectors and accessories will definitely facilitate the operation of this device. The devices offered in the Wasserman store are compatible with most of the equipment on the market.
Accessories for CB, radio from well-known manufacturers - Satec, CRT . Diamond

 In the Wasserman store you will find useful CB accessories , for example, such a reflectometer. It is a device used to tune the antenna and radio. We can use them for both car and stationary sets. Easy operation and trouble-free operation. Our range of accessories also includes additional speakers for the CB radio. They will improve listening in the event of increased noise. They can be connected to the device using a universal mini Jack plug. If you don't have one, Wasserman also offers replaceable cables, spare plugs, socket reduction and coaxial cables. Truck drivers will definitely be interested in metal microphone hangers, on which you can hang the CB radio. Our rich assortment also includes car lighter plugs and magnetic washers for the CB antenna. You can't talk without an antenna. CB-radio antenna  is an element of the radio device used to capture and convert electromagnetic wave and high frequency energy. The most important parameter of the CB car antenna is range. The higher the antenna, the greater its range. When choosing a magnetic CB antenna for a car, first of all pay attention to the range provided by the manufacturer. You can buy CB car antennas from well-known manufacturers, e.g. Siriio

Antenna mounts - Sirio

Antenna mounts we can divide into several models. Depending on the physical properties, as well as the method and place of assembly. Antenna trunk carrier, antenna trough holder, magnetic base for CB antennas with a typical threaded connector with a diameter of 145mm, mounting bracket for CB antennas for railing or a mirror, we also offer a chromed "butterfly" screw for mounting CB antennas. You already know that in our store you will get everything for the CB radio, but we also have the radio in abundant selection. CB-radio  known producers - Media-tech , President, CRT, Intek . Some models are equipped with the VOX function, which allows you to broadcast a message without touching the microphone. However, if you do not want to listen to conversations in the air, just turn off the CB-radio. Civic band radio is a convenient and non-invasive way to help yourself on the road.