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No radio can function properly unless programmed properly. Proper configuration of such devices is designed to ensure the security of the network used and guarantee users full comfort of using the equipment. While many companies offer services to make this type of configuration, each of us can do the right thing ourselves - cheaper and faster. There are two conditions: a bit of competence and the right equipment. In the Wasserman store, you can obtain the necessary programming cables, which will allow us to make all the necessary settings in the radios.

Programming cables

Wasserman offers various types of programming cables. Thanks to the wide range of products, it is possible to configure many types of radiotelephones. The assortment includes USB cables for various Intek models, cables dedicated to Baofeng devices, as well as socket adapters. The cables are terminated on one side with universal USB plugs, and on the other side with plugs intended for particular series of radiotelephones. The adapters, in turn, enable switching from the SMA socket to the UHF socket, commonly used, for example, in CB radios.

USB programming cables from well-known manufacturers - Intek, Wouxun, Baofeng

The USB cables for programming two-way radios available in the Wasserman online store come from assortments of renowned manufacturers. Brands such as Baofeng . Intek whether WOUXUN specialize in radio telephones, so we can be sure that their cables are fully compatible with the devices. This translates into fast data transmission and a stable connection. The products are characterized by high quality of workmanship. They have durable and flexible braids that protect them against mechanical damage, such as bends and breaks. These are the items necessary for the radio to operate in full working order. Thanks to the appropriate configuration, the devices will not disappoint us when we need them the most.