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You don't have to spend a fortune for our car to gain new wind in its sails. Tuning does not necessarily mean a giant spoiler on the trunk lid or reflective rims taken from the "Fast and the Furious" series. Tuning can improve small parts of the car and, for example, change the color of the incident light from the headlights - replace the yellow xenon lights glowing with white LED lamps. Strong, white light from the headlights of the car is associated today with higher-class cars. You can have them too.

Car headlights

Since our country has regulations that require driving on low beam or daytime running lights throughout the year (and not only in winter - from November to April), traditional car headlights are subject to faster use (being originally intended for night driving, not 24 hours a day, which significantly extends their work). If you do not want to change your car lighting every now and then, we suggest installing a convenient alternative - the installation of LED daytime running lights that can be used instead of the mandatory low beam from dawn to dusk with good visibility. These car lamps are mounted symmetrically on both sides of the grilles, slightly below the license plate.

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In addition, our offer includes LED marker sets for BMW cars that will change the color of the beam of light cast by the car headlight from yellow to white. The sets are compatible with more than ten BMW car models (including BMW X3 E83, BMW 5 Series E39 - detailed information in the product card), give strong light, while the built-in EMC emulator does not disturb the operation of RTV devices in the car.

I also offer an orange 'rooster' warning lamp that can be attached to the car's body on a magnetic mount. This car lamp is powered by the on-board lighter. Its light is visible both in good weather and the blinding sun, as well as in worse weather conditions, such as fog or heavy rain.