Automotive lighting

Good visibility at night or in bad weather is one of the most important things when getting into a car. Not only our safety depends on whether we have working headlights, but also the safety of other road users. Since in Poland there is an obligation to drive on dipped headlights or daytime running lights 24 hours a day and all year round, car headlights are used faster and need to be replaced more often. We recommend investing in car lighting available in our store to save time and money.

Lighting for cars

Our store offers three types of car lighting products. Daily light is an economical investment that fulfills its purpose (replaces the dipped beam) in conditions of normal air transparency, from dawn to dusk. These lamps must be installed in plugs under the license plate, they must be symmetrical to the axis of the vehicle, minimum 60 cm apart and minimum 25 cm above the ground. The set includes all the elements (wiring, mounting brackets, screws) that allow you to install the lamps yourself. We also have something for everyone who wants to change the color of the light beam coming from the headlights - thanks to a set of markers, yellow light will be replaced by white.

Products from a well-known manufacturer - Import

Do you often drive a car at night, in heavy rain, thick fog or other, equally difficult weather conditions? Do you want to feel safe and be visible on the road anytime, anywhere? The beacon warning light is just for you. After connecting to the power source in the form of an on-board cigarette lighter, the lamp is placed on the roof - a magnetic holder allows it to be attached to the car body. Such car lighting, which gives a strong, orange light, works in all conditions - both in full sun, which can blind the driver, and in fog and heavy rain. Dipped headlights, a set of markers, a beacon warning - products of a well-known manufacturer Import they are reliable and work well in all conditions.