Intercoms and ringtones

intercoms  and video intercoms in the buildings took the place of traditional bells. No wonder, because they are much better than them. The bell at the gate will only inform us about the arrival of the guest, but it forces us to leave the house and open the gate with the key. The intercom not only enables remote opening of the wicket, but also talks with the visitor. And through the videophone, you can not only talk to the visitor, but also see who is standing in front of our gate.

 Wasserman's offer includes intercoms for installation at gates, wickets or entrance doors.
 The ORNO doorphone set is intended for use in single-family houses, it is characterized by an aluminum and small external panel casing, surface mounting and a uniphone without a headphone. The set supports two inputs, so you can use it to control the gate and the electric strike at the gate. Thanks to intercoms, we do not have to bother to the gate, thanks to them we know without leaving the house who is standing by the gate. Intercoms that you buy in our store are easy to use and do not require complicated assembly. If you live in a two-family house, ORNO set will be ideal - two-family intercom. In such intercoms there are various functions extremely useful in everyday life, one of them is e.g. discrete wiretapping - for 40 seconds we can listen to what is happening within the external panel. Through the intercom we can also conduct a conversation by adjusting the volume using the button. The next device extremely useful in everyday life are wireless doorbells. They do not require installation, cable pulling or precise assembly. They have a large range, so you can go out into the yard with the receiver. These ringtones are great as a call sign for a babysitter lying down. We recommend a wireless doorbell from Orno.

 Intercoms and ringtones from well-known manufacturers in the Wasserman store's offer Orno . Ferguson . Schneider
In addition to intercoms and wireless bells, our offer also includes video intercoms from a well-known company, Ferguson. The Wi-Fi video intercom is an excellent, intelligent doorbell designed for use in apartments and houses. Such a device allows you to receive audio and video directly on your own smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the internet connection, wherever you are in the world you will always know who is at your door. And thanks to the feedback audio connection, you'll be able to talk to that person. The video intercom can also record images, at any time you will be able to check who rang the door, because the camera will record the image and send it to the memory together with the date and time stamp. In addition to technologically advanced products, our offer also includes accessories needed to install these products. The SEDNA series from the Schneider brand is a high quality connectors and sockets hidden in a small form. Colored frames allow you to customize the appearance of switches to the interior aesthetics. The Sedna line means complete installation safety, durability and reliability.