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Monitoring and alarm, a modern monitoring system allows us to get an overview of what is happening in our home, office or other real estate at any time. IP cameras, i.e. network, electronic nannies, intercoms and bells, recorder, motion detectors, smoke detectors, all this and much more can be found in this section.

Intercoms for installation at gates, wickets or entrance doors - Orno
Doorphone set  ORNO is intended for use in single-family homes. Aluminum and small external panel casing, surface mounting and uniphone without headphone, this characterizes this perfect set. Thanks to such intercoms, we do not have to bother to wicket. Wireless doorbells are another extremely useful device. You do not have to lay complicated installations, pull cables and hire specialists for assembly. Video intercoms of a well-known company - Ferguson, are an excellent, intelligent doorbell, allowing you to receive audio and video directly on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the internet connection, you will always know who is at your door, anywhere in the world. In addition to all these technologically advanced products, our offer also includes accessories needed to install these products. Series SEDNA  from the Schneider brand is a wide selection connectors and sockets . The Sedna line means safety of installations, durability and reliability. The control system in workplaces is based on work time recorders. In our offer you will find both time recorders sold in a set with several proximity cards, and you will also buy cards sold by the piece. Thanks to brand products Electroway time records will be child's play.

 Cameras and monitoring sets from the best producers Blow . Ferguson . Media-Tech . Hikvision . Xblitz . Satel
 Planning security installations in your home should start with recorders and alarm systems. Such a comprehensive alarm system consists of sound and light signaling devices,  recorders  cameras and manipulators. IP cameras  we can freely control, view the video image and record it, store and send to another place. In addition to digital ones, our store also offers analog CCTV cameras, such CCTV television is a very good solution for shops, banks, housing estates and other buildings, whose protection and control takes place in one specific place. Cameras come in many varieties, we also have baby monitors, and webcams that mediate our conversations on the net. However, many webcams will not work, we will also need recorders. We offer recorders from well-known Hikwision manufacturers. Extremely easy to use and offering lots of features. These recorders combine professional technical solutions, quality at the highest level with extremely attractive prices. An exemplary camera recorder kit from our offer will allow you to intelligently search for recordings and synchronous playback of four channels, secure the continuity of recordings, automatically search for motion in a selected area. Has a face detection function, multi preview. But the home security system is not only cameras, but also motion sensors and smoke detectors that detect the presence of unauthorized persons or a developing fire.