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Drones have become a very popular gift for children. At first, products not available to everyone, today you can buy them at attractive prices without sacrificing quality. The models offered by the Wasserman store guarantee great fun and unforgettable experiences. Toy drones are entertainment not only for older children or teenagers, but also for adults. The HD camera, which the devices are equipped with, allows to obtain high-quality, effective recordings from a bird's eye view.

Drones with a camera

Pictures and videos obtained in a traditional way, from a classic perspective, are a thing of the past. Everyone would like to show off a photograph taken from the air. Drones for children, contrary to appearances, are attractive accessories that allow you to shoot great aerial movies, including interesting shots of the city or nature. The HD resolution of the camera will take care of the quality of photos, and the live image can be viewed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Videos are saved wirelessly. It only depends on us where we send our drones and what shots we get, although you must remember about the legal provisions regulating the use of these machines. The device is controlled by the remote control, but you can also use your phone instead.

Drones for beginners

Toy drones available in the Wasserman store are the perfect products for people who want to start their adventure with these devices. They are affordable in terms of technological advancement and sold at attractive prices. They have a solid structure that will survive numerous falls, and batteries allow for long entertainment. Wasserman offers models with lighting that allows you to play even in the dark, and a flexible propeller guard to cover the mechanism in case of unexpected events. For children who want to have their own toy drone with a camera from the Wasserman store, it will be a dream gift. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and concepts used in the devices, the toy drones are perfect for beginners. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Xblitz, Overmax or Syma.