Radios and GSM

Two-way radios are an interesting alternative to communication via modern cell phones. These types of devices allow for completely free and two-way audio communication between users, using radio waves.

The Wasserman store offers its customers an unusually wide range of radios and walkie-talkies.

The assortment comes only from well-known distributors, which guarantees a selection of the best models available on the market. When you decide to use radio communication, you can choose between devices that support the PMR band, i.e. the frequency used for free radio communication, and walkie-talkies that operate on UHF or VHF frequencies, i.e. ultra-short or decimeter waves. Communication on amateur radio bands is particularly useful in places where the range of commonly used cell phones fails or in situations where users want direct contact between groups of several people. Some professional groups also often use radiotelephones - radio communication clearly facilitates work, for example, on construction sites, in large-scale warehouses or industrial buildings.

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When choosing a radio, pay attention to its durability in relation to external conditions and battery capacity. The first parameter is important because if we want to use the phone in difficult weather conditions, it is better to look for waterproof models made of solid materials that will not fall apart after a few uses. PMRs can operate at different ranges, depending on the type. In ideal conditions and depending on the bandwidth, a handheld radio can reach several kilometers, a mobile (car) radio up to several kilometers, and a base radio up to several dozen kilometers. In the offer of the Wasserman store you will find radios VHF / UHF, PMR walkie-talkies, scanners and various accessories and additions, such as: meters, device programming cables, pagers, Chargers or batteries.