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Seeing spy equipment in stores, many a person must wonder why he was there. Among Wasserman's clients, there are probably few private detectives, and amateur espionage usually does not lead to anything good. It is worth noting, however, that spy accessories can serve many other purposes. For example, they can help us to ensure the safety of us and our loved ones. They will also be helpful when performing household chores. How it's possible?

Spy equipment

The Wasserman range includes endoscopic cameras. Contrary to appearances, they are most often used not by detectives, but by doctors. However, it turns out that at home they can also be helpful. They will allow us to thoroughly examine pipes, ventilation ducts or other types of installations. Thanks to such spy devices, we can look inside the engine or into dark corners under furniture. The long cable and waterproof construction allow you to control even the most difficult places in buildings and vehicles.

Other examples of espionage articles that will serve us in non-espionage purposes are various types of locators. On the one hand, car models will allow us to control our own driving style, and on the other hand it will be easier to track the car in the event of theft. Among the spy tools, the Wasserman store also has locators built into children's smartwatches. This is an innovative and very convenient way to track the location of our children. Thanks to the multifunctional device you can always keep an eye on them.

Spy accessories from well-known manufacturers - Import, Media-Tech

The spy equipment Wasserman purchases from a well-known electronics manufacturer - Media-Tech . The products of this brand are distinguished by the use of modern technology, which translates into the multifunctionality of the equipment. Smartwatches for children with a built-in locator are a great example of this. The gadgets are equipped with, among others, the function of a telephone book, voice communication, remote monitoring of the environment, LED flashlight or SOS button.