Adapters and couplings

Multicolored LED lighting is the perfect way to brighten up a dark interior and decorate furniture in an interesting way. A little light can give a room a whole new look for a relatively small price. The problem arises when we need more than five meters of LED strip light (standard strip length) - then we need to connect two or more strips together. This can be done with a soldering iron or using special fittings. You will find the latter in our offer.

Adapters and connectors - application

When we don't have a soldering iron and we want to quickly connect five-meter LED strips, we have to use an adapter or a connector. There are adapters and couplings available on the market in various shapes and sizes and for various applications. Snap connectors for LED strips allow you to connect two sections of the tape - depending on the shape of the tape adapters, they can be connected in parallel (one becomes an extension of the other) or perpendicularly (the tapes connect at right angles, forming an "L" shape). Correct connection of LED strips is important because they are usually five meters long, so when we want to decorate a surface of, for example, fifteen meters with lights, we must ensure that no voltage drops at the cable joints (and thus all sections shine equally strongly) .

Products from a well-known manufacturer - Procter

The most popular models of adapters and connectors that are available on the market include products from a well-known manufacturer - brand connectors Procter . This type of connector will save you time, energy and money - it is cheap and easy to use. The plastic housing protects the cable joints against mechanical damage. In our store you will also find LED strips shining with strong light of different colors (yellow, red, blue, green). The product is characterized by flexibility, silicone, waterproof cover and a wide viewing angle (120 degrees). The tapes can be used as indoor or outdoor lighting - and thanks to the previously described adapters and connectors, nothing prevents you from wrapping them around the whole house.