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It's hard to imagine a household without power supplies, extension cords or other cables. More and more diverse than those quite simple with a plug at one end and a socket at the other after the more compiled, intelligent sockets.

 Types of extension cords in our offer
Extension  for home use they have different lengths and usually end with a strip that also has a different number of sockets (from two to ten sockets). Sockets can be earthed or ungrounded. Some of these slats have a flap on each socket, when nothing is attached to them, we can close them, they will not be exposed to dust and dirt. Extension cords for computer equipment and electronics have a circuit breaker with fuse. It helps in the event of a sudden voltage surge, short circuit or violent storm, thanks to the fuse that manages to cut off the power supply, our devices will not fail or be damaged. On the other hand, portable devices will need extension cords with a charger and USB sockets. In addition to various home extension cords, in the Wasserman store you will also find extension cords that work well in the garden or construction. Drum extension cords / construction, for work in harsh ambient conditions, they have been made so that they are maximally comfortable to use. Garden extensions are useful in every garden, they are specially adapted to the conditions prevailing outside buildings, so we do not have to worry about their safe use.

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 Depending on how far you have to the power outlet, the longer you will need an extension cord. In our offer you will find wires of various lengths from 0.5 meter to 5 meters. Extension cords with one socket and five, extension cords on a drum and power supplies with USB. An extension cord is necessary in every household. Even if you find the electrical sockets exactly as you need them, it still turns out to be needed in this particular place and there is none. In addition to traditional power supplies, you will also find more smart extension cords . Such as, for example, Ubiquiti mFi mPower can remotely turn on and off devices connected to it. An additional function is the measurement of current consumed. Such devices communicate via Wi-Fi. Just connect a device to it and then, using our smartphone, we can even start it from a considerable distance.