Remote Controls

Admit the pilot to one of the better inventions that have gone to humanity. Some of us still remember the times when changing the channel or volume of the TV required getting up from a comfortable armchair and walking through half the living room. Something like this would be unthinkable in today's reality. Currently, we treat television as a "background" for everyday activities, and the phenomenon of zapping (i.e. jumping on the channel) is our daily bread. Therefore, a good remote control is the basis for successful laziness in front of the screen.

Universal TV remote controls

Available in the Wasserman store, TV remote controls are multifunctional devices that will allow you to operate even several devices at once. How it's possible? All thanks to the intelligent programming system. In the blink of an eye, you can teach your universal TV remote control how to use other devices, such as air conditioning, garage door and various types of players. The controller can also be used to control any Wiwa and Korr tuner. Its functionality is also manifested in large and comfortable buttons. Thanks to the fluorescent surface they are perfectly visible even in the dark.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Ferguson, Wiwa, Signal

Universal TV remote controls, which can be found in the Wasserman range, are products of brands valued on the market. They are distinguished by a very attractive price-quality ratio. Equipment Wiwa  whether Ferguson  is the perfect choice for those who appreciate trouble-free and functional solutions but don't want to overpay. It is also worth mentioning about extension cords Signal . These devices allow you to operate even those TVs that are not normally within the range of the remote control. They retransmit the signal from it, naturally increasing the infrared field. Thanks to this solution, you no longer have to do gymnastics just to change the channel or turn down ads that interrupt your favorite program. The devices offered in the Wasserman store are the answer to the everyday needs of users!