Music and entertainment

Are you dealing with music? Do you deal with sound system? Do you love singing? There is a department for everyone who loves music in the Wasserman store Music and entertainment . You will find it microphones, mixers, stands and sound equipment . We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of this department.

Microphones and sound systems by well-known manufacturers - Azusa . Blow . Voice Kraft
Music equipment , available in the Wasserman store, are products of the famous Azusa brand. This producer specializes in sound system, thanks to which his articles fulfill their role perfectly. The equipment consists of high-quality components, which translates into durability and excellent performance. Music equipment from this department is used as stage, studio and DJ equipment. When choosing a sound system, we need to know in which situations we will use it most often. Another will be useful during a concert, another during a theatrical performance. The place where the equipment will be used is equally important. In the open air, we will appreciate the mobility of the devices and their acoustic capabilities in the rooms. During rallies and speeches or tours, the Voice Kraft megaphone or Azus dynamic microphone will prove invaluable. At chamber concerts, the Azus sound system or the wireless microphone Blow will be great. The Wasserman store supplies reliable wireless microphones from renowned music equipment manufacturers. Because only proven and known brands are a guarantee of quality and trouble-free equipment. The microphones sold in our store are equipped with a number of functions.

Music mixers - sound mixers
Our music mixers are perfectly suited to the needs of singers. Our sound mixers were produced in consultation with specialists from the music industry. Mixers with USB wireless and very mobile can be moved over long distances. Karaoke mixers have video inputs and outputs as well as microphone inputs. Using special buttons, we can adjust the volume accordingly, eliminating all unnecessary noise and the echo effect, which causes the sound to be dispersed around the room. The devices are powered by a 12 V DC power supply. Some models have five-level level indicators and LCD displays. Blow mixers work flawlessly and are inexpensive. Thanks to USB inputs, we can play music directly from the pendrive. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Wasserman store offer.