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Would you like to move around a bit, but the weather doesn't invite you to leave the house? Or maybe you are tempted by a bike or jogging, but the concrete housing estate is not suitable for sports? The Wasserman store and the exercise bikes it offers come to the rescue. These are devices that develop the same muscles and allow you to feel the same fatigue as traditional bicycle trips. With stationary exercise bikes, all excuses are forgotten! In this category, you can also buy the necessary bicycle accessories.

Store with bicycle accessories

An exercise bike is a piece of equipment that should appear in every home where there is a place for it. The device enables physical activity regardless of the weather, purchased (or not) gym tickets and willingness (or lack thereof) to leave the house. It is an absolute convenience - now, to exercise, you do not need to dress in a professional outfit, do hairstyles or make-up. At home, no one will judge us, our old shorts or tired faces.
The Wasserman shop also offers useful bicycle accessories. However, we will use them during traditional - mobile - trainings and trips. The offer includes, among others, bicycle seats for children, baskets and the necessary foot pumps.

Exercise bikes and accessories from well-known manufacturers - Prox . Beto . Geko

When looking for a store with bicycle accessories, it is worth checking the Wasserman offer. The assortment includes both stationary training devices from a well-known manufacturer Team Veovision and bicycle gadgets Malatec whether Geko . Reputable brands are a guarantee of high quality and reliability of products. They are made of solid materials, which translates into their durability and long service life. We will make use of them either during home training or during a cycling trip. With articles from the Wasserman store, physical activity becomes easy and fun!